Welcome to another way of Online Promotion Criteria, Its simple and genuine promotion packages, AdFarmers !

We use most of the world leading Advertisement Publishing Network like as AdWord (By Google), Yahoo! Media, Social Media, SEO and more

How to connect : Just mention your contact details and a small description then send it to : or CALL NOW: 9497 72 3276

What we do ? : We manage your Promotion section, Create contents, Design advertisement, Online Events, Manage your official social media pages :  Tariff rates different from the no. of audience they view, Age range (on social media), Display type, Impression time etc

Advantages : The main advantage than the classic add method is YOUR Promotion spread with the real customers, Yea ! its true and you can easly track your Audience or followers another advantage :)

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A Brief:
Google Adwords is a search driven marketing platform. It lets you target who you want to display your advertisement to based on the keywords that your target audiences are entering into Google Search while looking for something.
E.g. We can target and display our advertisement only to people who search for the keywords “Thalassery Dham Biriryani”, “Hotels Near Bakel Fort” or “House Boat Alappuzha”

Facebook Ads  are not search- based. However, Facebook allows you to get very specific with the target audience for your advertisement based on location, demographics, interests and psychographics.
E.g. We can have the advertisement displayed only to people within Bangalore who are between 30-65 years of age and are interested in design, architecture, interiors and gardening.
It’s important to note the narrower you focus your targeting, the smaller the audience reach you will have. This means every click is likely to be more highly qualified but also means likely to be more expensive per click than a wider criteria.

LinkedIn Ads is also extremely targeted when it comes to selecting who you want to reach within the professional space and allows you to select your target audience based on location, industry verticals, company size, revenue, job functions, department, role, decision making levels and more.
E.g. We can direct our advertisement towards those within the Automotive Manufacturing Industry in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia & Thailand with annual revenues of over $60 million. Within this we can target professionals within these companies that are in product design at the C-Level, VP Level and Director Level only.

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